Paradise Song

In the world of Hatredness
Full of agony and restlessness
Sing me a song of Paradise

In this world of Cruelty
Where faith is not humanity
Sing me a song of Paradise

Where humanity creeps
In the valley of corrupt powers
Sing me a song of paradise

That song of love
That love Bathed in sacrifice
Sing me that song of Paradise !



Building Life

Accepting Life
Embracing materialism
Spirit builds life
Brick by Brick.

Acquiring skills
Learning the art
Soul weaves life
Brick by brick.

Shaping the world
Guiding the light
Building the world
Brick by brick.

Awaiting the end
Contented with glory
Spirit leaves body
Brick by brick.


Mother’s Day

Some people don’t believe in God and always question him. Most of us define God as the one who has created this universe , the one who has created us and try to find him. But we never realise our creator is around us, the one who make sure that we always smile, the one who sacrifice so much for us to make sure our lives become a perfect one. She is the one who has created us , our mothers.
My mother sacrificed her life for me, for her family. But still I see her in my dreams, alive and always inspiring me to move ahead in life by overcoming all the difficulties. I know she is watching me from heaven and guiding me in the right direction through one or the other way.
You can’t deny the fact that Mothers are epitome of sacrifice. Sometimes A son can go wrong but a mother is never wrong!
Hats off to all the mothers of the world. Make her feel special every day so that you don’t regret later!

Happy Mother’s day to all !

Flowing through time.


There will be a time in the future when you will find this ,my diary. When my words will flow through the winds of hope, struggle and love in your world to embrace you, to console you, to soak your tears and to protect you from breaking into pieces.
Listen this tale of mine when I walked on the path , full of thorns but I never complained about that and never gave up. There was a time when there was no hope and strength left inside me but I simply did good things just for the sake of doing them by accumulating all my strength.
I was falling. I was leaving this world and i saw the beautiful pictures of my life when I was rolling on my toes as a kid. The world was so full of happiness and those games which I played with other kids in the world full of fantasies. I saw how I fought in the darkness as a knight , to create light in the lives of the others. A time came when I was blown away by the sudden gush of winds which made me to fall on the earth , face down. But my life was not mine. I belonged to those people who were depended on me, the people who were waiting for some kind of miracle or hope that would have lifted them once again from the ocean of grief. This gave me the strength to hold myself , up again. I rose with a much greater force and lifted my sword once again. My words became my weapon and my compassion became my armor to bring the change in the lives of the people who needed me. I was going to fight for them till the end. I sulked their pain, I healed their soul, I cleansed their life and i gave them hope and then in the last part of my journey , I was falling deeper into the abyss of the cosmos. But that was not the end, my words will flow eternally in the heart of the future to quench the thirst of the souls in need. I will always be tethered to this world, full of miseries with my words which will not fade away from the lives I will touch. You will find me in the deepest corner of your heart, in times of need. I will always be there in the meadow, smiling on your shadow, immortally.
Remember me for the good work, I did,
Remember me for the light I have spread
Remember me for the falls for You
Remember me for the words for You
Remember me for the Life for You.
Remember me, I died for you!

P.S.-In response to Daily Prompt-Time Capsule

Pic courtesy- google images, From the movie Remember me.

In That Meadow


Tears flowed on my face
When your memories came,
Full of grace.
Life’s comedy separated our fate
See you there on meadow’s gate.

In the deepest corner
Of my crown
Farther in the holy town
O friend ! Through this divine trace
I’ll see you there in that meadow’s shade.

Where Cool breeze kissed your face,
And your hairs glowed with sunrays,
Where Doves chirped near your feet,
And squirrels rolled in your space
I’ll see you there in that meadow’s shade.

Where Divine breeze,
Quenched your Spirit’s lace
And your soul Listined ,
Epiphany of God’s grace
I’ll see you there in that meadow’s shade.

Far away from this misery ground
Far away from this selfish town
Seeing me from the photo case,
Always smiling on my face
My friend! I’ll see you there in that heaven’s shade.

© 2015 Piyush Singh

My Best Event

Twenty something edition 1

A tale of sacrifice

Wrote this poem quite some time ago. I think there is a need to share this again. This is a story written in the form of a poem which tells us the true meaning of life .
In response to writing201:poetry- Hero

The Perceptions Square

March 12 2010 gravestones

There lived a restless soul in the mist of time,
Who was in the quest of truth of life .
He started his journey in the world of darkness,
in the world of sufferings and in the world of ignorance.
He searched for glory and searched for signs,
But he struggled to find the eternal sunshine.
All hopes were fainting, all joy was lost
And he waited for the miracle from the sky above.
Then a light came from a sage, he met.
The truth is felicity in the doing for others,
The victory is Karma and not in its result,
The felony is idleness and not endeavors,
The truth is perseverance, the sage said.
He took the light and decided to spread,
And he washed the miseries and pain of others.
He rose and fell but never got success,
But his joy was Karma and not its result.

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